How Your Skin Changes And The Best Skin Treatments


How Your Skin Changes And The Best Skin Treatments

Why is the skin so important? From a physical perspective, it provides a barrier between the outside world and the complex workings of the body’s internal organs, in addition to assisting with temperature regulation, immune function and sensation. Cosmetically, the skin creates the smooth contours and bright, dewy complexions associated with youth. We shed dead skin cells every minute, and every 28 days, our skin is renewed. So if our skin is restored so frequently, why does it show signs of ageing? Let’s explore how the skin changes with each passing decade and the best skin treatments for you.


How The Skin Changes In Your 20s 

The most common complaint from those in their 20s is that their skin looks dull or tired. This is most frequently caused by dehydration and the absence of a good skincare routine. If the skin lacks moisture, it is not able to perform essential functions such as cell turnover. Without regular exfoliation, dead skin cells accumulate, leading to a lacklustre complexion.  


The Best Skin Treatments In Your 20s

Developing a skincare routine early on is vital in preventing the effects of ageing. Expert brands such as Obagi® and ZO® offer prescription-strength ingredients that restore the skin’s health and help fight concerns such as pigmentation, acne and premature ageing. To discover the best combination of products for your skin, book a consultation with one of the team at North West Aesthetics today. 


How The Skin Changes In Your 30s 

Our collagen levels begin to dip in our 20s and decrease by approximately 1% per year. This protein gives our skin its elasticity, meaning that once we reach our 30s, the first signs of ageing become apparent. Fine lines appear around the eyes and forehead and sun damage can trigger pigmentation issues. 


The Best Skin Treatments In Your 30s

Anti-wrinkle Injections block signals from the nerves, which inhibits muscle contraction. This causes the creases formed by repetitive facial expressions, such as smile lines, to reduce and prevents new lines from forming. 

To improve the appearance of sun damage, Laser Resurfacing removes the skin’s outermost layers, replacing them with bright, healthy cells. Collagen production is stimulated, tightening the skin and softening fine lines. 


How The Skin Changes In Your 40s

In our 40s, we experience a noticeable loss of volume in features such as the cheeks and tear troughs. This is due to steadily depleting collagen levels and the facial bones losing mass. As the mid-face flattens, the skin begins to sag and the effects of ageing really start to make themselves known. 


The Best Skin Treatments In Your 40s

Dermal Fillers effectively restore lost volume in sunken areas. Small injections to the soft tissue of the cheeks provide instant lift and rebuild youthful contours. Tear Trough Fillers plump up the skin, reducing dark circles under the eyes. At North West Aesthetics, we use hyaluronic acid  Dermal Fillers that hydrate the skin in addition to renewing volume and smoothing away fine lines.   


How The Skin Changes In Your 50s

Women experience hormonal shifts during and post-menopause. Levels of oestrogen decrease, while androgens, such as testosterone, increase. This makes the skin less elastic and much thinner. Bone resorption forces the shape of the face to alter and the skin begins to sag, causing a heaviness in the jowl and neck area. 


The Best Skin Treatments In Your 50s

In your 50s, consider a more comprehensive Dermal Filler treatment to combat the signs of ageing. The Juvederm® Contour Package boosts the cheeks and redefines the chin and jawline with strategically placed injections. As volume is restored, sagging skin is reduced and unsightly jowls are eliminated. 


How The Skin Changes In Your 60s

Moisture retention becomes a problem when we reach our 60s. Dry skin can appear rough and feel itchy, meaning we need to pay extra attention to our hydration levels and consume more water each day. Dark spots caused by sun exposure are often more numerous and visible in our 60s. 


The Best Skin Treatments In Your 60s

A combination of Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers instantly recaptures youth. Wrinkles are smoothed away, sagging skin appears reduced and facial contours are restored. For the most effective treatment, allow one of our expert team at North West Aesthetics to assess your skin and recommend the most appropriate course of action. 

Chemical Peels offer an effective solution to sun-damaged skin. The Obagi® Blue Peel is applied in layers, allowing the practitioner to specifically target dark spots. The Perfect Peel uses glutathione to reduce darker pigmentations while fighting oxidant damage. 


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