How Lip Shapes Affect Your Appearance


How Lip Shapes Affect Your Appearance

Lip reshaping is one of our most popular aesthetic treatment options here at North West Aesthetics. Our experts offer several ways to restore lost volume, minimise the signs of premature ageing and achieve perfect lip shapes client after client. Before you can even open your mouth, your lips do all the talking for you as certain lip shapes can be an indication of age, sometimes even making you appear older than you actually are.


How Your Lips Age

The lips are among the most prominent facial features and one of the things a person will notice about you first. Unfortunately, they are also one of the initial areas to succumb to the early signs of premature ageing. This is because the skin on and around your lips is especially thin when compared to other areas of the body, which also explains why it has a particularly red colour.

Just like everywhere else, the skin on your lips suffers from diminishing collagen and elastin levels over time. These are considered to be two of the most important building blocks for healthy, youthful skin. This is why fine lines, wrinkles and laxity start to set in as these proteins deplete. All of these factors have an impact on lip shapes, leading to less-than-desirable features such as downturned corners, wrinkling and asymmetry.


Achieving Perfect Lip Shapes

In many cases, our experts at North West Aesthetics will recommend a course of dermal filler treatments. Results are immediate and continue to improve over time as your filler settles and the initial redness and swelling subsides. We use Juvederm® Volbella fillers, which are hyaluronic acid-based, meaning that they also work to hydrate and tighten the skin from within.

When determining which of the lip shapes is best suited for you, your expert will first take the time to assess your current lip shape as well as the shape of your face and how your lips complement the rest of your features. To achieve a natural look that suits you perfectly, it’s important to restore volume rather than add too much and risk a blown-up, artificial appearance. Dermal fillers are designed to be subtle, yet highly effective.

Sometimes, wrinkle-relaxing injections can also improve certain lip shapes and it might be that your doctor at North West Aesthetics deems a combination of injectables to be the right choice for you. In any case, your in-clinic consultation is crucial to help us understand your needs and expectations so that we can guide you in the right direction.


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