Scar Removal Treatment in Wigan


Scar Removal Treatment in Wigan

There are many reasons why people can have scars on their faces and if you live in North West England, you might be interested to hear that North West Aesthetics carry out scar removal treatment in Wigan. Through the use of dermal fillers or dermaroller treatments, we can help to reduce the visibility of scars, giving you added confidence and boosting your self-esteem.


What Causes Scarring?


Scarring is a natural part of the body’s healing process and it’s essential to ensure a wound heals. When there’s a wound to the skin, the tissue is damaged in the epidermis or outer layer and collagen is automatically released. This protein builds up where the tissue has become damaged and its purpose is to heal the wound and strengthen the area where the damage is. 

The next part of the process requires new collagen fibres to form, which increases the blood supply to the affected area and causes the scar to become raised, making it more pronounced. In time, some of the collagen breaks down where the wound was and the blood supply is reduced, resulting in the scar becoming smoother.     

The complete healing of a scar can take up to two years and although it will fade, it could still be visible after this time. If you want to improve the texture and appearance of your skin, the team at North West Aesthetics can help with scar removal treatment in Wigan.


Our Treatment Options


You may think that dermal fillers are solely a gentle and subtle way of sculpting facial features but they are also ideal for filling out depressed scars, which is why we use them for scar removal treatment in Wigan. We use hyaluronic acid-based fillers at North West Aesthetics, as they stimulate the production of collagen and elastin – two fundamental proteins for smoother-looking skin.

During dermaroller treatments, our experts use a handheld roller to precisely and carefully create tiny channels on the surface of your skin. This minor trauma causes a reaction and initiates the body’s natural healing process. If you have acne scarring, then it’s likely that this will appear on large areas of your face and body. As dermaroller treatment is ideal for treating larger areas, it is a particularly efficient method of scar removal treatment in Wigan for acne.


How Much Will It Cost For Scar Removal Treatment In Wigan at North West Aesthetics?


The cost will depend on the type of scarring, as well as the level of scarring, along with the size of the area that you’d like to treat. Depending on the severity of your scarring, you may require several sessions for the best results. As each treatment varies between individuals, we advise booking an in-depth consultation with one of our experts. Following this, we will then be able to offer a definite price.


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