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Your skin health is affected by a constant barrage of external and internal influences on a daily basis, which can have a rather adverse effect on the appearance of your skin as well. Over time, the effects of ageing leave your skin looking tired and worn out, while the impact of long-term sun damage can lead to issues such as sun spots and other pigmentation concerns. Sun protection is the number one rule for long-term skincare, but once the damage is done it is often hard to find a solution that works for you and your skin.

You may have heard of the advanced Obagi Skincare range, available here at North West Aesthetics, but did you know that they also offer expert chemical skin peels? The Obagi Radiance Peel and the Obagi Blue Peel offer multiple varying benefits, with the main difference being in their ingredients. The main ingredient in the Obagi Radiance Peel is salicylic acid, which offers deep exfoliation for a more modern, alternative face peel that is best used for treating superficial skin concerns, such as open pores and scarring . In order to determine which peel is best suited for you needs and expectations, you should book a free consultation with our experts at the NWA Clinic today.

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Frequently asked questions

Depending on the desired intensity of the peel, your NWA aesthetician will apply the solution in coats and leave it to take effect for a precise amount of time. Over the course of a few days post-treatment, you will then notice the damaged layers of your skin peeling away, leaving new, healthy skin in its place.

Your skin will look immediately younger and tighter, with results improving over the course of two weeks as the damaged skin is removed. You will also notice a significant improvement to your particular skin concerns, such as open pores and wrinkles.

Your Obagi Radiance Peel should take no longer than 45 minutes depending on the number of coats that your aesthetician recommends for you.

Monthly peels are recommended to maintain results. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your results long-term, providing you take proper care of your newly rejuvenated skin.

There is no need to take time out of work to recover, although you might choose to while your skin is peeling. It should take no more than two weeks to fully complete this process. As your skin heals it is important to use a moisturiser and sunscreen, both of which are also essential for long-term skincare.

Immediately post-treatment you will experience some slight redness along with the obvious peeling. In rare cases, patients may experience irritation, allergic reaction and discomfort. It is important if you feel that you are experiencing side effects for longer than expected, that you get in touch with us at North West Aesthetics and come in for a follow up consultation.

As mentioned above, this particular peel is best suited for patients looking to address superficial skin concerns. Your suitability will be determined during your consultation process, as certain skin conditions might also have an affect on this.

At North West Aesthetics, our friendly and attentive team prioritise your wants and needs, offering bespoke treatment plans that work specifically for you. We take the time to get to the bottom of your concerns via a thorough consultation, before then considering the best possible course of action. A high standard of treatment and care is imperative, which is why our staff are extensively trained and experienced in all aspects of advanced non-surgical aesthetics, led by renowned medical doctor, Dr David Taylor.