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Plasma is a versatile, non-invasive treatment that is useful for tackling a number of skin conditions, but is best known for its impressive results with non-surgical blepharoplasty (treating saggy upper and lower eyebrow skin). Plasma pen treatment can be used carefully on small problem areas all over the body, although it is commonly used for the face and neck. Plasma is passed through the tip of a hand-held pen device for absolute precision. Once the plasma touches the skin, heat is passed through the epidermis to the papillary layer where it comes in contact with fibroblast cells. As a result, skin cells contract and tighten, resulting in a tighter, younger-looking complexion.

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Frequently asked questions

The price of plasma treatments can vary depending on the amount of time needed to perform the treatment, as well as the area covered. The prices range from £349-£599.

Plasma works by applying plasma through a focal point (the end of the handheld pen-like device) to the skin surface area in question.

Following on from your treatment, small bumps will appear on your skin, and they may begin to scab over. After up to 14 days, with proper maintenance and aftercare, these scabs will disappear. Once recovered, your skin will be left looking clearer, smoother, rejuvenated and younger. Results from one treatment session will last 10 years, but severe case patients may require two treatments.

The procedure will typically take from 30 minutes to one hour depending on the size of the area and the condition being treated. During your consultation, these variables will be taken into consideration by our expert clinic team, and you will be consulted on how long the session will take, as well as how many additional plasma treatment sessions may be required.

The amount of treatments required with the plasma pen is entirely dependant on the desired results, and severity of the skin conditions experienced by the patient. It should only take one treatment to achieve the desired results, although more may be recommended when treating severe patient cases.

There is minimal downtime associated with plasma pen technology. Although small scabs will form across the treated area, they will soon disappear, usually within 14 days. During this time it is recommended to treat the area with lukewarm water to keep it clean during the healing process. We also provide a concealing makeup for patients which contains lactic acid to aid healing and reduce downtime.

There are no known associated side effects with plasma treatments. There is the risk of scarring, infection and loss of pigmentation; however - when choosing a high end and experienced clinical team like those at North West Aesthetics, the risk of any potential side effects will be minimised.

Plasma treatments are suitable for most candidates; however, there are a few contraindications that must be considered in a consultation session prior to treatment. This includes the patients’ proneness to scarring, how dark their skin is, allergies, immune-deficiency and pregnancy.

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