Defined Cheekbones Are The Key To Looking Young


Defined Cheekbones Are The Key To Looking Young

As early as our thirties, unwanted lines and creases introduce themselves to the eyes and forehead, settling in and slowly deepening their presence, despite never receiving an invitation to do so. In our quest to defy the years, we fixate on the appearance of new wrinkles, believing that if we succeed in our battle against them, we will win back our youthful-looking skin. This is true to some extent. But another lesser-known ageing opponent is ready to whip that victory away from us – sunken cheekbones. 

Why Do Defined Cheekbones Disappear?

The ageing process strikes on four fronts: bone density, muscle strength, fat loss and skin volume. As the facial bones lose mass, prominent cheekbones recede, flattening the mid-face. The muscles follow close behind, losing their volume and elasticity, which contributes to sagging skin. The pockets of facial fat that plump up the cheeks also become less pronounced and drift south, creating jowls around the neck. Round this off with a deficit of collagen in the skin and suddenly the future looks pretty bleak. 

Rest assured, it isn’t. For this, we owe our gratitude to the latest treatment in shining armour – Dermal Fillers. North West Aesthetics offers two Dermal Filler treatments that will redefine the cheeks and put you ahead in the fight against the clock. 

Cheek Fillers For Defined Cheekbones

Advances in aesthetics allow us to address facial shape and bone structure without the need for surgical intervention. Cheek Fillers restore high and defined cheekbones in one simple treatment, with little to no downtime. 

Juvederm® Voluma™ is a specially formulated Dermal Filler, ideal for lifting the cheekbones due to its durability and thickness. Hyaluronic acid is the filler’s primary ingredient, a naturally occurring substance that hydrates the skin. By holding on to 1000 times its weight in water, this miracle molecule plumps the skin as well as providing moisturising benefits. Hyaluronic acid is also linked to collagen production, which reduces sagging skin. 

A series of small injections of Juvederm® Voluma™ to the soft tissue in the cheek provides instant lift. As the volume in the cheeks is restored, the skin below is lifted, reducing jowls and sagging around the neck and chin. Cheek fillers also smooth away wrinkles in the mid-face and the surrounding eye area. The natural-looking projection of the cheekbones creates a youthful look that wrinkle-smoothing alone cannot provide. Well-defined cheekbones truly are the secret to looking young. 

The Juvederm® Contour Package 

For more advanced stages of ageing, we recommend our Juvederm® Contour Package. In addition to beautifully restored cheeks, the treatment adds definition to the chin and jawline. 

Juvederm® Volux™ was designed to sculpt the lower face and is this brand’s longest-lasting Dermal Filler. Once set, it appears and feels like bone. Strong straight lines create a defined jawline and balance the profile. Jawline fillers also lift the skin on the neck to greatly reduce sagging. Injections give the chin greater prominence and reverse the signs of bone density loss. 

For only £740, the Juvederm® Contour Package transforms the face. Defined cheekbones instantly recapture youth, with the facial features camouflaged by sagging skin materialising as the lower face is reimagined. 

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