Anti-Wrinkle Solutions – Migraine and Tension Headache

A migraine is a particularly debilitating headache, which many of us experience as a severe throbbing pain across one side of the head, often paired with numerous other nasty symptoms. These can include: nausea, vomiting and oversensitivity to light and sound. Unfortunately, this is a common condition, with the frequency of each migraine varying from person to person. While one person might experience migraines weekly, others can go months and years between episodes with a check-up after two weeks and a free top up if the practitioner feels necessary.

Among other treatments, anti-wrinkle solutions are known to have a positive effect when used to treat chronic migraines; it is believed this is achieved by helping to relax the tension in the muscles, and is also effective for treating chronic tension headaches.

The most common areas treated for migraines are the frown line area and the forehead. In some cases, temporal muscles are treated for further relief.

Another treatment that might be of interest is Teeth Grinding/Bruxism

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Frequently asked questions

At North West Aesthetics, we create personalised treatment plans for all of our patients based on your needs and expectation from your treatment. With that in mind, we can give you an estimated cost of £195 based on the amount of treatment our patients tend to require, but a definite cost will be discussed following your in-depth, free consultation with one of our expert practitioners.

This varies from patient to patient. The idea of this type of treatment is to improve your quality of life, but there is no guarantee that the anti-wrinkle solutions will work for you. A lot of patients tend to see more noticeable results as their treatments progress and they undertake numerous treatments over time. Around half of patients show a 50% reduction in migraine attacks, but you must remember that top-up treatments will be required to maintain results and management of your migraines or tension headache.

This treatment can be completed in as little as 5-10 minutes, but we schedule 30 minute treatment times to allow for optimum comfort for you, and to ensure we complete all paperwork and necessary patient documentation. Repeat treatments will be required at regular intervals to achieve more noticeable, long-term results.

As this is a very simple, non-invasive procedure, there is no downtime or recovery involved, allowing patients to resume their daily routine right away.

Side effects are very few and far between. It is possible that you will experience slight aching, swelling or bruising for a short time post-treatment, although this is nothing to be concerned by and will soon settle down. The treatment can also cause a temporary headache as the toxin starts to work over the first 3-4 days, and the muscles can spasm slightly before they start to relax. If you suffer with this side effect, it can easily be managed with taking some paracetamol.

Anti-wrinkle solutions for migraine and tension headaches are only suitable for sufferers of chronic migraines, as this type of treatment is not effective with any other form of migraine or headache.

At North West Aesthetics, our friendly and attentive team prioritise your wants and needs, offering bespoke treatment plans that work specifically for you. We take the time to get to the bottom of your concerns via a thorough consultation, before then considering the best possible course of action. A high standard of treatment and care is imperative, which is why our staff are extensively trained and experienced in all aspects of advanced non-surgical aesthetics, led by renowned medical doctor, Dr David Taylor.

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“I was nervous about trying fillers but Dr David put me at ease right away. The whole team are so friendly and welcoming. Before my treatment David went through a pre treatment medical assessment, which made me feel safe and secure as I have seen some horror stories before! I had Botox and Lip Fillers and I love them. I get so many compliments on how natural looking my lips are and how my complexion is glowing – for the first time in my life people are saying “you have such amazing clear skin!”…”