Dermal Fillers – Body Scarring

It goes without saying that scarring is something that we’d all rather live without if we could. Most of us suffer with some form of scarring or another, whether on the body or the face, as a result of certain skin conditions or physical trauma. They are a part of the natural healing process within our bodies, leaving a mark on the skin as it heals.

There are numerous types of scarring, from normal fine-line scars to keloid scars and pitted, sunken scars. Not only does scarring tend to look rather unsightly, but it can often be tied with rather unsettling emotions and memories, depending on the source of the scar. A scar can serve as a constant reminder of something we’d rather prefer to forget, which can take its toll on your mental wellbeing. In some cases, a scar can fade over time, while over-the-counter products rarely have the desired effect.

For scars that are depressed and sunken, dermal fillers offer a solution that you might not have thought to try. You may know that they are commonly used as an anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation treatment, restoring volume and shape, which is why they offer benefits for pitted scars.

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Frequently asked questions

As with other skin rejuvenation applications, dermal fillers not only lift the skin from beneath the scar, but the injectable hyaluronic acid-based substance also stimulates the production of new collagen, for healthy skin from within.

Your scarring will look immediately reduced, for skin with an healthy, smooth, youthful texture.

No longer than 30 minutes is needed to perform this treatment in most cases.

Just one treatment session is enough to achieve the results you desire, although dermal fillers are only a temporary solution to depressed scars. Over time, the fillers will naturally absorb into your body, after which you would require repeat treatments to maintain your results. These are scheduled as and when they are needed.

You don’t need to set aside any time to recover as this is a very minor treatment with little to no side effects and downtime.

The skin around the treatment area may first appear slightly red, swollen and tender, perhaps even bruised, but these side effects are minimal and temporary, usually subsiding within a few hours.

Dermal fillers are ideal for the treatment of depressed scars, but patients suffering with other types of scarring would need to consider other treatment options. At North West Aesthetics, we offer a wide range of specialist non-surgical aesthetics, capable of treating all types of scarring. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and schedule your consultation to see what we could offer you.

At North West Aesthetics, our friendly and attentive team prioritise your wants and needs, offering bespoke treatment plans that work specifically for you. We take the time to get to the bottom of your concerns via a thorough consultation, before then considering the best possible course of action. A high standard of treatment and care is imperative, which is why our staff are extensively trained and experienced in all aspects of advanced non-surgical aesthetics, led by renowned medical doctor, Dr David Taylor.