Laser Pigmentation Treatment (Body)

An area of the skin with a high concentration of melanin is what causes pigmentation concerns. This is because melanin is what gives your skin its particular colour. The most common skin discolouration and pigmentation concern is hyperpigmentation, which includes sun spots, freckles and melasma to name but a few. Although most instances like this don’t negatively affect the health of the patient, they can cause distress in other ways due to the unsightly appearance of the affected skin, especially in areas that are more visible, like the arms and the legs. Pigmentation concerns can affect the skin anywhere on the body, causing embarrassment and anxiety for many sufferers.

While there are some products on the market that claim to help, the results aren’t guaranteed, and cosmetic products only mask the problem. The only way to ensure effective results is to consult with the expert team here at North West Aesthetics. We offer advanced laser treatment to restore and rejuvenate an even, clear skin tone.

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Frequently asked questions

Most treatments cost upwards from £50 per treatment, depending on the size and severity of the treatment area.

Advanced laser technology can safely and effectively treat all areas of the body. The natural elimination of excess melanin is stimulated as the laser is absorbed by the concentrated pigmentation, without the need for invasive treatment and without damaging the surrounding skin.

Skin that was once beautiful and smooth is restored to its former glory, for an even, radiant complexion.

In as little as 30 minutes, your treatment could be over before you know it. The larger the treatment area, the longer the treatment time. Please also keep in mind that we do a test patch for safety purposes 48 hours before the treatment.

It is possible to see effective skin rejuvenation after just one treatment session, although we do find that up to 3 sessions is required to see full improvement for most pigmentation concerns.

Not only is laser treatment non-invasive, but it is also very gentle and inflicts no downtime upon the patient post-treatment.

The skin will heal by itself over the course of a week or two, with gentle cleansing giving it the boost it needs. During this time, your skin might appear swollen and sore, as well as flaky as the melanin is eliminated. This is a natural part of the healing process and nothing to be concerned about. All side effects should diminish over the course of a few days.

Laser pigmentation treatment is a very viable and effective option for patients suffering with unsightly pigmentation concerns, particularly when they are having an adverse affect on your mental wellbeing. However, this type of treatment isn’t always the best option for darker skin tones as laser treatment can sometimes cause discolouration in this instance. While it can be a beneficial option for dark skin, a thorough consultation would be the only way to determine your suitability.

At North West Aesthetics, our friendly and attentive team prioritise your wants and needs, offering bespoke treatment plans that work specifically for you. We take the time to get to the bottom of your concerns via a thorough consultation, before then considering the best possible course of action. A high standard of treatment and care is imperative, which is why our staff are extensively trained and experienced in all aspects of advanced non-surgical aesthetics, led by renowned medical doctor, Dr David Taylor.