Microdermabrasion Treatments (Body)

Microdermabrasion isn’t just suitable for facial rejuvenation, but practically anywhere on the body, which might come as a breath of fresh air for those of us with sensitive skin.

Microdermabrasion is widely known as a gentle procedure that offers results for a number of skin concerns, including the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and superficial skin blemishes. With minimal disruption to the skin, this is a very effective skin rejuvenation treatment that leaves all skin types looking and feeling youthful and radiant after just one simple treatment session.

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Frequently asked questions

Depending on the size of the area you wish to treat, microdermabrasion for the body ranges from £XXX - £XXX. Without first offering a full consultation at North West Aesthetic, it would be difficult to give an exact price at this stage. Following an in-depth assessment of your needs and expectations, a full quotation will be provided.

Through the use of a unique technique and the most advanced technology, a gentle stream of fine crystals is directed across the skin using a handheld device, lifting dead skin cells without causing any pain or discomfort. A vacuum is also used to catch the skin cells as they shed from the surface of the skin.

Beautifully fresh, glowing skin is the eventual outcome of this type of treatment. This skin renewal comes into full effect as the side effects of the treatment subside.

Your treatment time can vary from as little as 15 – 30 minutes depending on the size of the target area, making for a very quick skin treatment that can be worked into even the busiest routine.

Results are seen after just one treatment session, although the best outcome is usually seen when patients schedule between 4 – 6 sessions at regular intervals.

Due to the gentle nature of this type of treatment, no significant downtime is required and your skin will heal of its own accord, adding to the convenience of microdermabrasion.

Dead skin cells will continue to shed initially after your treatment, leaving your skin looking and feeling dry and flaky for a few days. However, this should quickly subside, as should any redness, bruising, swelling or tenderness. Be sure to protect your skin from harmful UV rays by applying appropriate sun protection, as your treated skin will be more sensitive to sun damage post-treatment. With that said, sun protection is just as important at all other times.

Patients with darker skin tones might benefit better from a skin peel, although this will be determined during your consultation. Microdermabrasion is usually ideal for both normal and sensitive skin, used to minimise the signs of premature ageing, pigmentation concerns, and for decongesting the skin.

At North West Aesthetics, our friendly and attentive team prioritise your wants and needs, offering bespoke treatment plans that work specifically for you. We take the time to get to the bottom of your concerns via a thorough consultation, before then considering the best possible course of action. A high standard of treatment and care is imperative, which is why our staff are extensively trained and experienced in all aspects of advanced non-surgical aesthetics, led by renowned medical doctor, Dr David Taylor.