Your Spider Veins could Benefit from Sclerotherapy at North West Aesthetics


Your Spider Veins could Benefit from Sclerotherapy at North West Aesthetics

If you feel unhappy with the appearance of your spider veins, Sclerotherapy could be the swift and innovative non-invasive treatment for you here with the North West Aesthetics team, to resolve your concerns as the warmer weather approaches.

Also known as ‘thread’ veins, spider veins are often found beneath the surface of the skin in the legs and feet, and tend to occur as a result of minor trauma to the location of the prominent vein, hereditary factors, pregnancy, age or weight gain.

Spider veins are not always a cause for concern, and many people find they are happy to live with affected veins to no detriment. However, if you feel they affect your self-confidence when they are visible, you may consider their removal for boosted comfort and confidence.

The Sclerotherapy Process

Sclerotherapy is a swift and highly effective treatment for reducing the visibility of veins that may be affecting the activities you undertake, or the clothes you wear.

In this process, an aggravating solution – sclerosant – is injected direction into the site of the affected vein. This irritant causes the vein to swell up, and cuts off the flow of blood to the vein, rerouting blood to other healthier veins.

Without this blood flow, the vein scars and eventually collapses, reducing the prominence of the vein. Over time, this now unused vein turns to scar tissue, and is reabsorbed into other local healthy body tissue, fading from sight within just a few weeks to a month!

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