Why FUE? Hair Transplants with Dr David Taylor


Why FUE? Hair Transplants with Dr David Taylor

Dr David Taylor has been completing hair restoration for over 7 years, and is pleased to offer FUE hair transplants at his Wigan aesthetics clinic: North West Aesthetics.

Follicular Unit Extraction – also known as FUE – is a cutting-edge and minimally-invasive leading hair restoration procedure. During this treatment under local-anaesthetic, hair follicles are delicately extracted from a donor area – usually from the back of head or neck – and relocated to a recipient area.

What’s Different about FUE?

Compared with more traditional restoration techniques, FUE is favoured for its impressive natural and quality results, short recovery times – often no more than a week – and the subtlety of minimal scarring post-procedure.

Amongst a variety of other aesthetic and non-surgical treatments available with Dr David at North West Aesthetics – including Botox, Dermal Fillers, Chemical Peels and Laser procedures – the restorative FUE treatment is one that Dr David is motivated to offer through personal experience.

Dr David’s Experience

As a sufferer of aggressive premature hair loss from the age of 22, Dr David opted to undergo the FUE hair transplant procedure at 25, desiring a more natural result after wearing a hairpiece for 2 years, and has since gone on to have 3 smaller additional FUE treatments.

The highly positive experience led Dr David – who is testament to its success – to want to help other men and women to achieve the same significant physical results and boost to confidence, and he is proud to be able to offer FUE hair transplants today at a competitive price, having completed hundreds of transplant procedures to see some truly life-changing results.

If you are suffering with hair loss – or any other skin or ageing concerns – and are interested in the options that are available to you to achieve a permanent solution, book your free consultation with Dr David Taylor at North West Aesthetics on 01942 909 003.