Veganuary: Look Great, Feel Better! 


Veganuary: Look Great, Feel Better! 

The new year is in full swing despite feeling oddly similar to the one just gone. If you, like the rest of us, are bored at home trying to keep yourself sane during the nation’s third lockdown, then join the club! A lot of people are making a New Year’s resolution that consists of a new way of eating, joining thousands of others in trying Veganuary – the act of going vegan for January. Think of it as Dry January with more booze and less meat! Although we are well into January, it is never too late to try the vegan diet – like everyone else in the UK at the moment, you’ll probably have some free time you can dedicate to making delicious plant-based food, and apart from the numerous health and environmental benefits that veganism offers, it is also GREAT for your skin. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, is there a better time to work toward beautiful, youthful skin? Probably not! 


A quick introduction to veganism

Veganism is a lifestyle choice which has received much praise for its many health and environmental benefits. Simply put, if you are vegan you are not supposed to eat or consume ANY animal products – this means you cannot eat meat, dairy, eggs or honey.

Going vegan can actually benefit your skin as it encourages the consumption of foods that are rich in antioxidants and also means that you have to cut out dairy, something which is famously problematic for some people. 


Can Veganuary help you achieve great skin?

Have you ever wondered about the effect that the food you eat has on you and your skin? Well, this can have a major impact on your body, especially if you shake up your diet in a drastic way like veganism tends to do. It is proven that being vegan has numerous health advantages, but does it also benefit your skin? 

As with most things skin-related, the answer isn’t a simple yes or no – however, a staggering amount of people report that going vegan has an instantly positive effect on the skin, from contributing to a clear complexion to resulting in more hydrated skin – some people even report that their hair becomes shinier and stronger. 


The Veganuary diet 

Most individuals who opt for a vegan lifestyle find themselves paying close attention to the labels of products, namely the ingredients on them – and it is this mindset that has benefitted many, many people. By becoming more aware of almost everything that enters your body, you learn about the different impacts that different foods, ingredients and products have on your skin. 

The actual vegan diet in itself is also a big contributor towards achieving healthier-looking skin. Most vegans tend to consume more fruits and vegetables, whilst cutting out a lot of the sugar and saturated fats that they eat – which is obviously going to have a positive effect on your skin! For many people who suffer from acne, the exclusion of dairy from their diet in itself could help them reduce the number of flare-ups that they suffer with.

It isn’t all good news for vegans though – as some vegan diets can feature high amounts of carbohydrates because of the regular consumption of pasta, bread and rice. These foods can actually be detrimental to your skin as they can contribute to an increase in sebum production, which in turn can make your skin oily and lead to acne. Yet, if you’re choosing to take part in Veganuary, it will no doubt be easier to stay away from those pesky carbohydrates and focus on creating some fantastic salads filled with vegetables to help your skin get a youthful glow by the time we reach Valentine’s Day!


Need A Hand? Get In Touch!

You may have gone vegan for January long before you read this blog, or you may already choose to live this kind of lifestyle all year around – if so, despite the numerous benefits of being vegan, it isn’t something that can instantly cure your skincare problems, especially if these are more severe than most.  

If you lead a healthy lifestyle and have adjusted your skincare routine but just can’t seem to get the results you are looking for, then get in touch! Our expert team at North West Aesthetics can provide you with a bespoke skincare plan to help you achieve youthful, vibrant and radiant-looking skin! Call us on 01942 909 003 or email today.