Treat Pigmentation and Sun Damage at North West Aesthetics


Treat Pigmentation and Sun Damage at North West Aesthetics

The summer heat calls everyone outside: country walks, trips to the park, and beach days are enjoyed by all when the sun finally shines in the U.K. Many take advantage of the sun’s warm glow and bathe in the rays, lazily lounging on picnic blankets to soak up every bit of the fleeting summertime. It’s not uncommon to see parks and gardens overflowing with the sun deprived, desperate to add some colour to their pasty complexions.


The Lasting Damage of the Sun

Although the sun is a huge mood booster, it can be incredibly harmful to your skin when it isn’t protected from its harmful UV rays. Even from minimal exposure, the sun can cause dangerous burns, hyperpigmentation and lasting damage. When the UVA and UVB rays penetrate the skin, they trigger the breakdown of elastin and collagen proteins, encouraging premature wrinkling and sagging. The cells in your skin responsible for the production of melanin- or skin pigment- can be disturbed by UV rays, resulting in pigmentation disorders including liver spots, freckles, moles, and hyperpigmentation. Those who sunbathe have the hope of achieving a nice tan- only to be left with the long-term damage of hyperpigmentation and aged, uneven complexion.


Treatments for Pigmentation and Sun Damage at North West Aesthetics

At North West Aesthetics, we offer several treatments to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and sun damage for youthful, fresh skin with a more even complexion. The Laser Pigmentation Treatment,The Perfect Peel, and the Obagi and ZO skincare lines all fight the lasting effects of UV damage like ageing skin and hyperpigmentation.

The Laser Pigmentation Treatment can target hyperpigmentation, freckles, age spots, and birthmarks. Intense light energy is converted into heat energy in order to penetrate deep into pigmented skin cells with immense precision, triggering the death of the cells without damaging the surrounding, less-pigmented cells resulting in a clearer complexion.

The Perfect Peel is a revolutionary chemical peel utilising Glutathione, described as the “ultimate antioxidant”. This naturally-occurring key ingredient reduces darker pigmentations while fighting of oxidant damage and wrinkles by penetrating deep into the cellular level of the skin. In just one week, the overall tone and texture of your skin is considerably improved, with a reduction in pigmentation.

The Obagi Skincare line and the ZO Skincare line offer a plethora of products for all different skin types and concerns, including pigmentation and sun damage. The Obagi Skincare line has been trusted by professionals for over 3 decades to tackle the many concerns of ageing skin, including pigmentation and sun damage. The ZO Skincare Line uses premium, prescription-strength ingredients for optimum results to reduce the signs of sun damage for healthy, beautiful skin.


Your Bespoke Treatment Plan

North West Aesthetics

Dr. David Taylor at North West Aesthetics knows that your skin is unique and requires a personalized treatment approach for the best results. In your consultation, he will listen to every concern, answer every question, and meticulously assess your skin to create the ultimate treatment plan for you. Better yet, your first consultation is completely free, with no obligation. Contact us today to book your consultation. It’s the first step to achieving your best skin, free from pigmentation and sun damage!