The Best Time for Laser Hair Removal


The Best Time for Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair can be a real nuisance – not only can it make you feel self-conscious, but it can also become bothersome due to the amount of maintenance required to manage it. Laser Hair Removal normally sees a rise in demand in the summer months – usually, as people are looking for a way to keep their body hair-free for the summer sun. It can be a fantastic alternative to stocking up on razors and wax and the perfect solution for those who want to keep their body clear of hair.

You may have been thinking about Laser Hair Removal for some time, or you might be kicking yourself for not thinking about it before – either way, you may not have realised that the most optimal time for Laser Hair Removal is during the winter months, with the majority of patients starting treatment in November.

The Benefits of Starting in Winter

Almost anyone is suitable for Laser Hair Removal, however, you need to ensure your body is properly prepared for the treatment. Laser Hair Removal cannot be performed on tanned or sunburned skin – or even on skin that has been slightly sun-kissed. When Laser Hair Removal is performed on skin that isn’t its usual tone, then the chance of inaccurate laser settings being used rises. If the laser settings are set too high, then your skin could be damaged and if they are set too low, the effects may be far from optimal!

Starting in the winter means you are less likely to spend an increased amount of time in the sun, especially if you live in the UK! This is important as your skin becomes more sensitive and vulnerable to UV damage post-treatment. It also means your skin will be closer to its natural tone and better suited for a more even level of Laser Hair Removal.

How To Prepare

Laser Hair Removal works by heating targeted hair follicles, however, this is only effective if the follicles are at the right level of growth. Treatment will be unsuccessful if you turn up with perfectly waxed or plucked skin as this leaves no hair or root for the laser to focus on.

Our medical professionals at North West Aesthetics recommend that you prepare for your Laser Hair Removal treatment by letting the target area grow naturally for one or two days prior to your appointment. This growth should be nearly optimal for the treatment.

Going through this process in summer can be stressful as certain areas of skin are more likely to be on show, meaning you’ll probably always want them looking their best. In winter, you can simply cover these areas up and fight your hair removal temptation with much more success.

Just in Time for the Summer Sun

We saved the best news for last – if you start your Laser Hair Removal journey in October or November, then your treatment will be nearing completion in time for the warm weather and summer sun.

The treatment usually takes a few months to complete – this is because multiple sessions are required for the best results. Most patients see permanent results after approximately five treatments, with each session usually a month apart.

If you have been thinking about Laser Hair Removal, then there is no time like the present. October and the winter months are fast approaching, so treat yourself to some TLC and have your unwanted body hair long gone in time for the next period of summer sun!

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