Sun Damage and Your Skin: How to Recover from the Summer Sun! 


Sun Damage and Your Skin: How to Recover from the Summer Sun! 

The tail end of summer is upon us and our precious British sun is finally fleeting.  And, although we all love basking in the seasonal sunlight, our skin is probably looking forward to a well-earned rest. After all, the sun is one of the world’s top causes of skin cancer, and enjoying it a bit too much can also result in dry, flaky and damaged skin!  

Even if you’ve taken all the necessary precautions over the past few months, you might be looking in the mirror thinking your skin isn’t quite up to its usual standard. If this sounds familiar then it’s time to say goodbye to summer and usher in a new lease of life. Read on and we’ll let you how to get your skin looking and feeling better than ever. 

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How Does Sun Damage Occur?

Nobody likes looking at their skin and seeing those inevitable signs of ageing – the dreaded fine lines and wrinkles. However, age isn’t necessarily the main culprit for your woes, with sun damage, or photoaging as it is also known, being responsible for almost 90% of the visible changes that happen to our skin. 

Sun damage occurs when harmful UVA and UVB rays penetrate deep into the skin, triggering a breakdown of elastin and collagen proteins. UV damage can also affect the cells that produce melanin, the specific pigment that gives the skin its wonderfully unique colour. This can open the door for the emergence of freckles, spots and pigmentation disorders!

Sun damage occurs naturally throughout our lives, with most of us not approaching suncare in the right way during our childhood and teenage years. However, it is never too late to start preventing this from happening- you cannot outrun ageing, but you can significantly prolong the time you spend with youthful and healthy skin by following the right treatment plan.


Preventing and Treating Sun Damage

Preventing sun damage can be a hassle, especially when the sun is shining strong and you want to enjoy a nice day out. Though as simple as it sounds, wearing sunscreen every day is a great way to protect yourself, especially when you pair this with spending time in the shade to responsibly soak up the sun’s rays. If you do this you are well on your way to combatting the most negative effects of one of our most famous celestial bodies.  

Unfortunately, many of us are long past being able to take active steps to limit our exposure to the sun. But, fear not. If you are already suffering from sun-damaged skin, we have various treatments to get you looking radiant again!

Laser Pigmentation Treatment is a safe and effective solution available to all skin types, and when used on the face and body, can help you achieve clearer skin that is more even in tone and texture in no time. 

We also stock a range of innovative, premium-grade skincare products designed to help you manage the worst symptoms of sun damage and restore your skin to its former glory. Both Obagi and ZO Skincare offer great solutions for numerous skin styles. From serums to moisturisers, these products should be the foundation of a healthy skincare routine – it’s also important to point out that certain products are available via prescription only. 


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