Spring Skincare: How To Make The Transition Between Seasons


Spring Skincare: How To Make The Transition Between Seasons

With winter almost over and the promise of a gradual easing of restrictions, 2021 has certainly recovered from an inauspicious start. And, whilst it’d be foolish to expect cloudless skies, glorious sunshine and a fuss-free exit from lockdown over the next few months, it definitely makes sense to start making preparations for your spring skincare routine.

This is because the arrival of a new season often brings with it changes in temperature and shifts in weather that can have a real impact on the health of your skin, with different products and regimes needed to ensure that this can make the transition between seasons without encountering too many problems.

Unsure about where to start? Fear not, – just follow the spring skincare tips below and there’s no way you can go wrong!


Have a clear-out

Spring Skincare

Out with the old and in with the new, as they say. Over time, there’s no doubt you’ve accumulated a whole host of serums, creams and lotions that are either gathering dust on your bathroom shelf or languishing at the bottom of your makeup bag.

What you should do here is bite the bullet and throw out any product that you’ve had for longer than 12 months. Having trouble remembering when you brought it? That’s your biggest indicator that you shouldn’t be massaging this into your skin.


There’s a good chance that these products could be harbouring a nasty build-up of bacteria, the application of which may even lead to clogged pores, breakouts and lacklustre-looking skin.


Scrub away the winter

Your skin is likely to have become dull and lifeless over winter, owing to a combination of dead skin cell accumulation, dehydration and unhealthy eating. Therefore, the most effective way of restoring it to its radiant best is to scrub it down with an exfoliating product or exfoliating mitt whilst showering or washing.

This goes for the skin on all areas of the body, and not just that on the face. After all, summer 2021 could be a big one, with lockdown rules potentially out of the picture by June!


Use lighter products

Prevailing winter skincare advice is to make use of heavier moisturisers to keep the moisture locked in skin that has begun to dry out under the influence of the harsh weather conditions.

In spring, you should think about switching back to a lighter moisturising product in order to avoid giving the skin more hydration than it needs. This will ensure that you don’t overload skin that has become more oily as a result of the heat and reduce the likelihood of encountering blocked pores and sweat-induced acne.


Protect yourself from the sun

Spring Skincare

March to June isn’t known for wall-to-wall sunlight but, as you should be doing all year round, you still need to be using an SPF in your spring skincare routine. As temperatures begin to rise and sunshine is a more distinct possibility, this is even more important.

UV rays can be harmful to the skin in more ways than one, from the acceleration of the ageing process to their contribution to serious illnesses such as skin cancer. Make sure you wear sunglasses, a hat and keep covered for extra protection.


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