Skin Tips You’ll LOVE This Valentine’s Day


Skin Tips You’ll LOVE This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Skin Tips

One of the most polarising days of the year is fast approaching… Valentine’s Day! It is a day adored by those in couples or flourishing relationships and dreaded by those who do not want to be reminded of their single status. However, this year is looking a little different. 

Whatever your romantic situation is, it isn’t looking likely that you’ll be able to go out wining and dining anyway (thanks, lockdown!) 

So whether you plan on spending the day indoors with your sweetheart, or with your friends or family – Valentine’s Day is the only excuse you need this year to treat yourself to some TLC! 

Want some great skin tips so you can look glamorous for your day inside? Read on below! 


L is for Luxury! 

It’s been a whirlwind start to the year, from national lockdowns to cold weather and days spent inside! So, what better day to treat yourself to a bit of luxury than Valentine’s?

Say goodbye to the spa days and instead learn to treat yourself at home! Why not indulge in a warm bath with oils to help you soak the day away and give your skin some great hydrating benefits. After this, we would recommend a gentle exfoliation with a skin mask that is suitable for your skin type.  

During the lockdown, we would also recommend that you invest in a good quality cleansing brush to help flush and cleanse your face of any dirt and debris – remember though, using this too much can be detrimental to your skin, so try and limit this to a couple of times a week!


O is for Obagi®!

Here at North West Aesthetics, we choose to stock a wide range of Obagi® skincare products as they are loved by our team and patients alike. Unlike over-the-counter skincare items, Obagi® is a provider of reputable and professional-grade products that have proven rejuvenating qualities and can address a wide range of skin types and concerns. 

Obagi® is the perfect treat for anyone who wants to give their skincare routine a boost this Valentine’s Day. Whether you are buying for yourself, or a loved one, our expert team at North West Aesthetics will be happy to point you in the right direction. From moisturisers and serums to an acne solution or some sun protection – Obagi® is suitable for anyone looking to kickstart or strengthen their beauty regime! 


V is for Sun Protection is Still VERY Important

Just because the sun isn’t shining bright, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t still exposed to harmful UV rays! We recommend that you try and incorporate a moisturiser or skincare product that contains SPF into your daily skincare routine. This will give you the best of both worlds, preventing any unwanted UV damage whilst still allowing your skin enough sun exposure to stimulate Vitamin D production. 

UV radiation has been linked to long-term skin damage, as well as the formation of fine lines, wrinkles and freckling. It is also the leading contributor to one of the most common forms of cancer – skin cancer. Protect yourself, use SPF!


E is for Our Experts at NWA!

Here at North West Aesthetics, we try to help all of our clients achieve their unique skincare goals. If you are considering a treatment, then we welcome you to join us for an initial consultation so we can assess your medical history and put together a bespoke treatment plan to help you achieve all of your aesthetic wants and needs. 

Whether you suffer from a specific skin condition or simply need some support in picking the right product for your skin – our team of experts are here to help. If you would like to find out more about our services then you can get in touch with us at or on 01942 909 003.

Valentine’s Day