8 Questions To Ask During Your Pre-Treatment Skin Consultation


8 Questions To Ask During Your Pre-Treatment Skin Consultation

Booking a pre-treatment skin consultation before undergoing an aesthetics treatment is an absolute must. Your practitioner uses this time to assess your skin and recommend the most suitable treatments, whilst you are able to discuss your desired look and raise any concerns. This all sounds pretty simple, however, amidst all of the excitement, the carefully crafted list of questions you’ve planned to ask your consultant may unexpectedly slip your mind.

Don’t panic – we’ve got you covered!

Below is a list of 8 essential questions to ask your practitioner during your pre-treatment skin consultation.


Which Treatments Are Best Suited To My Skin?

You may go into your consultation with an idea of the treatments you would like to undergo. After assessing your skin and facial anatomy, your practitioner may recommend something different. Some treatments may be deemed unnecessary or ill-suited to your skin type, so try not to have your heart set on a specific course of action. For example, certain skin types are more prone to scarring, which may rule out Laser Treatments or more aggressive procedures.


Do You Have Any Before And After Photos?

One aim of your pre-treatment consultation is to gain trust in your practitioner. All of the staff at North West Aesthetics are highly trained and experienced in aesthetics procedures, however, their previous patients’ before and after photos provide an additional layer of confidence. These pictures also offer a realistic view of the results you may achieve.


How Many Sessions Will I Need To See Results?

Depending on the severity of your skin condition and the treatment you select to correct it, you may need multiple sessions to achieve optimal results. You should discuss this with your consultant before going ahead with your treatment as a higher number of sessions will likely cost more and result in longer, or more frequent, periods of downtime.


Do I Need To Do Anything In Preparation For My Treatment?

It is not commonplace to follow a specific skincare plan pre-treatment, although if you are asked to prepare your skin in a particular way, this will be detailed during your consultation. Your overall results may be improved by following these guidelines.


How Painful Is The Procedure?

Some aesthetics treatments are more painful than others, however, this is primarily determined by your unique pain threshold. If your chosen procedure will likely result in discomfort, discuss how this will be reduced with your practitioner. For example, some Dermal Fillers contain the local anesthetic, lidocaine, which minimises pain at injection sites.


What Is The Downtime Associated With The Procedure?

This question is essential in determining how long you may need to book off work or whether you need to rearrange your social diary. The amount of downtime associated with your procedure is estimated based on previous client experience. You should account for particularly sensitive skin by lengthening the suggested recovery time.


Is There An Aftercare Plan?

Just as with pre-treatment skincare, following an aftercare plan may boost your results or make them last longer. The plan will be explained in detail during your consultation to ensure you have a good understanding of your aftercare requirements.


Will I Need To Attend A Follow-Up Appointment?

Some aesthetics procedures require a short check-in a few days or weeks after treatment. This gives enough time for the treatment to take effect so your practitioner can assess whether or not to make any amends or top-ups. For example, Dermal Fillers take a little time to settle so a follow-up appointment may be scheduled to ensure things are proceeding as planned.


Book Your Pre-Treatment Skin Consultation At North West Aesthetics

Now you are armed and ready with a comprehensive list of questions, it’s time to book your consultation. Our team at North West Aesthetics can expertly analyse your skin and suggest a range of treatments that will visibly improve your complexion. Browse our website to discover the full range of procedures available.

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