Be Summer Ready with North West Aesthetics in Wigan


Be Summer Ready with North West Aesthetics in Wigan

With Summer on its way, there is no better time than now to take steps to ensure you can feel and look your best, for maximum comfort and enjoyment of the rare heat and sunshine.

From surface imperfections, to unwanted body hair, Dr David Taylor and the clinic team here at North West Aesthetics are proud to offer a diverse range of aesthetic solutions to your physical concerns – so you can feel confident as you let your skin breathe.

Stretch Marks?

While very common, stretch marks can be an area of discomfort for many people, who may feel that these marks affect their confidence. Stretch marks often develop on the stomach and thighs, and often do so during sudden growth or weight gain.

While difficult to prevent, stretch marks can be straight-forward to treat with laser skin resurfacing, which utilises advanced laser technology to heat and eliminate targeted fat cells in areas of concern, stimulating the regeneration of smoother and clearer skin.

Stubborn Body Fat?

If you are experiencing stubborn areas of body fat that are resistant to exercise or diet changes, Aqualyx could be ideal for you.

A popular treatment for treating isolated areas of resistant fat in the chin, chest, thighs or abdomen, Aqualyx uses a combination of natural, plant-based compounds to dissolve the targeted fat cells in these isolated areas. These cells are then naturally processed by the body post-procedure, for effective and precise body contouring.

Skin Imperfections?

For the safe, speedy and precise removal of skin imperfections like warts or verrucae in seconds, North West Aesthetics offer the CryoPen.

An advanced form of cryotherapy, the CryoPen works by emitting a very fine stream of pressurised nitrous oxide, immediately eliminating targeted areas of tissue – such as your skin tags – by freezing its cells, for smooth and imperfection-free skin.

Troublesome Veins?

If you are experiencing thread veins and feel unhappy with their appearance, consider sclerotherapy treatment with North West Aesthetics.

An innovative and swift procedure, sclerotherapy involves the injection of an aggravating solution directly into the site of the vein. In this process, this irritant causes the vein to swell, scar and collapse, forcing blood to be rerouted to other healthier veins, and alleviating the vein complaint.

Over time, this unused vein turns to scar tissue and is reabsorbed into the body via natural elimination processes, eventually fading from sight within a few weeks to a month.

Unwanted Body Hair?

Body hair can be a sensitive issue, and can have a significant effect on self-esteem if individuals feel their hair is excessive or unwanted. Considerable time, money and effort is often spent by many on the temporary alteration or removal of body hair to feel more comfortable or accepted by others.

If you are interested in the more lasting options available to you for hair removal, we offer laser hair removal for the face and body here at North West Aesthetics – a safe, effective and popular alternative to traditional methods such as waxing, shaving or bleaching.

Your Next Steps with North West Aesthetics

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For more information about the treatments available with North West Aesthetics to ensure you feel and look your best in time for Summer, visit our website, or get in touch with the North West Aesthetics clinic team to explore your options and arrange your FREE consultation, by calling us on 01942 909 003.