Lockdown Skincare Tips  from Our Experts


Lockdown Skincare Tips from Our Experts

Lockdown skincare – is it really that important? The simple answer is, yes! If this year has taught us anything, it’s that being cooped up inside for long periods can be tremendously unkind to our skin, playing havoc with both its appearance and how we feel about ourselves as a result.

It’s for this reason that our skincare experts have put their heads together to come up with several tips on how best to look after your skin during the country’s latest lockdown, taking into account the things that you should already be doing to stave off the effects of the increasingly bitter weather on the look and feel of your skin.

Your Lockdown Skincare Routine

Being in another lockdown doesn’t mean that you should undo all of the hard work you’ve already put into keeping your skin glowing through one of the year’s most unpleasant seasons. This means that you should continue to use those heavier-duty products (a thicker moisturiser, a more moisturising cleanser) and richer, restorative ingredients (Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid) for the duration of these four weeks. Many of the premium-grade skincare products we offer at North West Aesthetics contain Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid and you can explore these in further detail here.

Your lockdown skincare routine will also be bolstered by having more time to focus on maintaining your autumnal aura. If you’re feeling at a loss for things to do as of late, you could ensure that exfoliation becomes a weekly practice and that you’re applying enriching serums and face masks to your skin much more often than you did before. Lockdown might have stopped you from going out as much, so you may as well invest this time in doing something worthwhile!

Covid-specific Skincare

“Hands. Face. Space” has been part of the Government’s Covid-19 guidance for around two months now, and it’s important not to neglect those areas of the skin that have become compromised by what we’ve all been doing regularly to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

If you’re familiar with “maskne”, a term that describes the emergence of acne on the parts of the face covered by a mask, you may have already been taking precautions to minimise the possibility of this making its mark on your skin. If not, you can combat “maskne” by washing reusable face coverings after every use, cleansing your face when coming back inside and choosing to wear a face mask or covering made from a breathable fabric such as cotton,

As far as caring for hands that have become dry and cracked as a result of excessive hand washing, we’d recommend moisturising these body parts at several points throughout the day to ensure that they don’t become damaged beyond repair.

A New Environment

For most of us, the new rules mean that we’ll now be working from home for a minimum of four weeks. This change to our working day brings with it a new environment that can leave our skin at the mercy of several forms of irritation. More time spent in the comfort of our own homes will give us unrestricted access to the thermostat (and the snack cupboard), two things that can lead to the development of dry skin and those always unwelcome breakouts.

Additionally, those of you who have bitten the bullet and put the Christmas decorations up early may also find that their skin is suffering due to increased exposure to the sweeter smells of the forthcoming holiday season. Many festive fragrances and aromas are known to be common irritants for those with sensitive skin and conditions such as eczema, so it’s crucial to keep an eye on this.

Luckily, all of these things are very easily dealt with. For instance, there are currently no restrictions in place as to how much you can go outside, so we’d advise you to take the time to get some fresh air whenever you need to. You can also limit the impact that heating can have on your skin by turning this off when your house has properly warmed up. Drinking plenty of water is also a great method of keeping both you and your skin hydrated at all times.

Deal with Stress

As before, lockdown has caused many people to feel anxious about how long this will last and how they will cope without seeing their nearest and dearest for the next month.

Such unease can lead to an increase in the release of cortisol (the body’s stress hormone) which can manifest itself in the form of inflamed and unhealthy-looking skin as well as the recurrence of common conditions such as acne. This decline in the condition of the skin can also be compounded by eating unhealthy snacks – something which a lot of us will be tempted to do as uncertainty over what the future holds ramps up.

Manage your stress more effectively by setting aside some time to wind down whenever you feel that things are getting too much. This can involve something as simple as reading a book, venturing outside more often or treating yourself to a relaxing bath (make sure this isn’t too hot!) and you might just find that your troubles melt away much more easily.

North West Aesthetics

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