Lip Filler Techniques: Lip Enhancement 1-2-1 Training Course with Dr David Taylor


Lip Filler Techniques: Lip Enhancement 1-2-1 Training Course with Dr David Taylor

The unique Lip Enhancement Course offered with North West Aesthetics has been especially developed by Dr David Taylor, leading aesthetics specialist and founder of the North West Aesthetics clinic.

Who is this training course best suited for?

The Lip Enhancement Course with North West Aesthetics is intended for medical professionals who have existing training in administering wrinkle-relaxing injections and dermal fillers, and seek additional training that focuses on the use of fillers for lip augmentation.

Dr Taylor’s Lip Enhancement Course is therefore considered a perfect next step and accompaniment for practitioners wanting to further their knowledge of the lip area, and the range of lip filler techniques available when administering dermal fillers here.

Why should I consider this training course?

Such a course is recommended for completion today, due to the existing and ever rising demand for lip fillers, which currently stand as the most searched-for aesthetics treatment online today.

This is testament to the benefits of training in lip augmentation techniques, with such training allowing aesthetics practitioners to extend the range of non-surgical treatments available to their existing clients, and attract new clientele.

At a total cost of £995, this specialist training course is available at an incredibly fair price considering the techniques shared are those utilised by Dr David Taylor, who, as a renowned non-surgical aesthetics specialist and medical doctor, can treat up to forty clients on any given day at North West Aesthetics.

About the Course

Through the North West Aesthetics Lip Augmentation Course, Dr Taylor can provide guidance, sharing his specialist techniques when administering lip filler injections, and helping you to understand the difference between lip rejuvenation and revolumisation.

This course takes place over three non-consecutive 1-2-1 sessions with Dr Taylor, to ensure that you can get the absolute best out of your individual training course, with Part 1 & 3 lasting 3-4 hours and the observation taking place over the course of a full day.

With session number one, you will focus on lip augmentation theory, covering everything you will need to know as a lip augmentation practitioner – including:

  • Furthered knowledge of the lip area
  • Injection technique
  • Medico-legal aspects
  • Client consent
  • Consultation
  • Potential side-effects
  • The prevention of these potential side-effects, and how they can be managed should they occur

In the second session, you will focus on shadowing Dr Taylor, witnessing first-hand the techniques utilised when administering lip fillers into the areas covered in your theory, in both the rejuvenation and revolumisation processes.

The third and final session is practical, where you can practice your new lip filler techniques – either on a model who has joined you, or models provided by North West Aesthetics.

For more information about Dr David’s training courses, or to book your 1-2-1 course today, call North West Aesthetics on 01942 909 003, or email our team at: