Lip Augmentation Course With Anaesthesia – North West Aesthetics

Lip Augmentation Course With Anaesthesia – North West Aesthetics

The North West Aesthetics Lip Enhancement Course has been developed by Dr David Taylor, and is designed for medical professionals who have previously trained in wrinkle relaxing injections and dermal fillers, but have not had much training in the lip enhancement area, and would benefit from a lip augmentation masterclass to build upon their knowledge of the lip area and the range of lip filler techniques available when treating patients.

Lip fillers are currently the most searched for cosmetic treatment online, and training in lip augmentation techniques can allow you to offer an extended service to your current clients, and attract a new level of clientele. Let Dr Taylor guide you and help you to understand the differences between rejuvenating and revolumising the lips, as well as explaining his specialist and unrivalled techniques when it comes to lip filler injections.

If you are a medical professional that has completed your Basic Botox or Basic Dermal Filler training – either with North West Aesthetics or on another accredited course – and would like more experience specifically in non-surgical lip enhancement techniques, then this 1-2-1 masterclass with Dr David Taylor is the perfect next step for you.

The North West Aesthetics Lip Enhancement Course is spread over three separate 1-2-1 sessions with Dr David Taylor:

Session 1: Theory (approximately 3 hours – covering everything you need to know when it comes to the lip area, injection technique, medico-legal aspects, consent, consultation skills, possible side effects, and the prevention and management of side effects should they occur)

Session 2: Shadowing Dr David Taylor (approximately 4 hours – seeing first-hand the techniques used by Dr David Taylor when administering lip fillers, for both revolumisation and rejuvenation of the lips)

Session 3: Practical (approximately 4 hours – bring along a model {or North West Aesthetics will provide one or two for you} – and practice your new learned lip filler techniques)

*Please note that these 3 sessions may not be scheduled on consecutive days.

The areas covered in the North West Aesthetics Lip Enhancement Course are:

  • Lip Volumisation
  • Lip reshaping
  • Techniques with needles and cannula
  • Local anaesthetic

How much is the North West Aesthetics Lip Enhancement Course?

The Lip Enhancement Course at North West Aesthetics has been designed as a 1-2-1 training course with Dr Taylor, so that you can benefit as much as possible from every aspect. The cost for the 3 sessions in total is £995. This is incredibly good value for 1-2-1 training with someone of Dr Taylor’s experience, but we believe that the best education is key in the aesthetics industry, and at a fair price! This training course unfortunately can only be a 1-2-1 programme, in order for the student to get the best possible benefits and education.

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