It’s the perfect time of year!


It’s the perfect time of year!

Laser skin treatment works best in winter!


Though the cold, dark days leave our skin feeling worn out and dry, they also provide the perfect conditions for laser skin treatment.


When the skin has been subjected to laser treatment, it is more sensitive to UV rays while it heals. Due to the darkening of our days and fewer UV rays, this makes winter the ideal time to get treatments done. 


We also recommend getting treatments done in advance as it can take a few sessions to get the results you want! Get your skin ready for the new year with laser treatment sessions and start your glow-up early!

The holiday season is a time for giving – so why not give back to yourself?


Laser treatments at North West Aesthetics

We offer a variety of laser treatments at our clinic, from hair removal to skin rejuvenation, to get you beach-ready in time for the sun to make its entrance next summer!

Laser Treatments:

  • Hair removal
  • Pigmentation treatment
  • Thread veins
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Laser resurfacing


Hair removal

Probably the most common laser treatment – because of its incredible results! Less common, however, is laser hair removal on the face! That’s right ladies, it’s not just your legs that you can have hair removal performed on! Whether it’s over the upper lip, around the chin and neck, or the sideburns, we can help remove any unwanted hair.


Pigmentation treatment

Pigmentation can appear for a number of reasons, the most prominent being sun damage. By using an extremely precise laser, we can “kill” the discoloured cells and leave the healthy cells intact. Pigmentation can often be a burden to those who experience it, but at North West Aesthetics, we work with you to help reduce its appearance, leaving your skin looking clear and fresh. 


Thread veins

A lot of women are concerned about the way thread veins can make their face and body look. Around 30%–60% of adults are affected by thread veins throughout their lifetime, and while they can appear anywhere on the body, they most commonly affect the legs or the face. Using a laser, the veins are heated up, igniting a process called photothermolysis that causes the veins to collapse in on themselves.


Why choose us?

At North West Aesthetics, we are committed to giving you results you love while ensuring your safety and comfort. Our team are highly-qualified and experienced to ensure your treatments are carried out to the highest standard. 


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