Laser Pigmentation Treatment


Laser Pigmentation Treatment


A simple way to beautifully clear skin.

Over the years, our skin is subjected to all kinds of damage. From sun to lack of protection, a range of skin concerns can crop up over the years, leaving us with the tell-tale signs of sun damage: freckles, age spots, hyperpigmentation. 

Although these often pose no threat or concern, many of us would prefer to get these marks of time erased from our complexions. The use of Laser Pigmentation Treatment can give your skin that youthful boost, providing you with a smooth and clear complexion. 



Hyperpigmentation is predominantly caused by an increase in melanin. Giving our skin, eyes and hair their colour, melanin can be increased by sun exposure, hormonal influences, age and skin injuries. Hyperpigmentation can be addressed and reduced by our Laser Pigmentation treatment, giving you a more vibrant complexion. 


Freckles and Age Spotsreat

Though different to each other, freckles and age spots are both the result of sun damage. Freckles are small areas which can be a variation of brown and red in colour and these can be visible from around 2-3 years old. Age spots, on the other hand, are flat areas of brown skin which normally develop in adults over the age of 50. The difference between these two indicators of sun damage is not just in the years that they are active, but also in the way that freckles will fade over time with no sun exposure. Age spots, however, do not fade. 

As these can be indicators of age, some of us would prefer to be rid of these common facial features. Laser Pigmentation Treatment can help get rid of these sunny marks. 


Laser Pigmentation Treatment

By converting intense light energy into heat energy, Laser Pigmentation Treatment precisely penetrates the affected skin cells to remove these previously mentioned problems, leaving the healthy cells as they are. Immediately after this 15-30 minute treatment, the targeted areas of skin will crust over, shedding within 10 days and leaving behind new, healthy skin cells. In most cases, the best results are seen after roughly 2-3 sessions with us. However, we do suggest a thorough consultation with an experienced member of the North West Aesthetics team to give you the best possible treatment plan, tailored to you and your skin. 

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