Laser Body Treatments


Laser Body Treatments

Although we’re well known for our ability to target the endless range of skin concerns that can affect the face, we’re also so much more than mere one-trick ponies and our aesthetics and cosmetics treatments are more than capable of addressing any number of issues elsewhere on the body. 

Recognised as one of the best clinics in the Wigan and the North West, we’re proud to provide patients from across the country and all walks of life with body-based procedures that can rebuild confidence and make their struggles with self-esteem a thing of the past. 

Of these, it’s our fantastic selection of laser body treatments that frequently prove the most popular due to how they can be used to manage a plethora of common hangups, from untameable body hair to persistent problems with pigmentation. 

Read on to explore our laser body treatments in more detail!


Laser hair removal

Unwanted hair growth can be the stuff of nightmares, and this distressing occurrence isn’t just confined to the face. For most of us, the emergence of hair on our arms and legs can signal the beginning of a time-consuming battle against this natural phenomenon with nothing but tweezers and razors for company. But it doesn’t have to be this way! 

With our laser hair removal procedures, you can wave a permanent goodbye to unsightly patches of hair and down your tools for good. In this process, advanced laser technology is used to destroy these hairs at the root with little chance of regrowth and no damage to the surrounding area. Once this is eliminated from the arms, legs and anywhere else on the body, patients can enjoy a permanent solution to formerly uncontrollable hair growth. Beauty restored! 


Laser pigmentation removal 

Triggered by sun exposure and hormone changes or a natural by-product of ageing, hyperpigmentation is a blanket term to describe inconsistencies and unevenness in skin tone. And whilst this isn’t usually a cause for concern, the arrival of freckles, sunspots and concentrated patches of melanin on the skin may lead those affected to retreat inward and feel less than happy with how they look.

Fortunately, with laser pigmentation removal, our experts can safely and effectively treat any affected area of the body and eradicate excess melanin in just one session. This procedure directly targets these imperfections so that they absorb heat and disappear completely in no more than three sessions. Amazing!


Laser thread vein removal 

Wrinkles and fine lines aren’t the only things that we should be worrying about as we age. Over time, thread veins (or “spider veins”) can reveal themselves on several areas of the body and appear most often on the legs. Thread veins usually occur due to a natural malfunctioning of blood vessel valves and can leave those affected with extremely visible spindly, reddish-purple veins as well as a severe loss of confidence. 

This is where laser thread vein removal comes in. Here, thermal energy can be used to permanently eliminate these unsightly blood vessels and give you all the excuses you need to once again show your legs off to the world! 


Laser resurfacing 

Perhaps the most versatile treatment option available at North West Aesthetics, laser resurfacing can be used to smooth over several common skin concerns and is tremendously effective regardless of the problem at hand, eliminating wrinkles, fine lines, scars, hyperpigmentation and stretch marks with equal aplomb. 

As with many of our laser body treatments, laser resurfacing employs thermal energy to rid the skin of its blemishes and inconsistencies and works by speeding up the natural process of cell regeneration to leave you looking fresher, brighter and smoother than ever! 


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