Juvederm® Treatment Packages


Juvederm® Treatment Packages

Our package offers from Juvederm®!

At North West Aesthetics, we provide a range of Juvederm® products because we love the incredible results they give every time! We are so excited to now offer Juvederm® packages to give you a full, finished look under just one price, promoting better value for our patients.


Fabulous Eyes (£460)

Using the Volbella dermal fillers combined with other suitable treatments we offer at North West Aesthetics we can give you a youthful gaze.

Refine (£630)

Using Juvederm® Ultra 3 to enhance your lips Volux™ to define and sharpen your jawline, we can give you that refined shape to give your features what they need to stand out.

Profile (£650)

By combining the uses of Juvederm® Voluma and Volux™, we can give your facial profile a makeover. Giving you beautiful definition along the nose, jawline and chin to create a sleek and enviable profile.

Refresh (£690)

Combined with suitable anti-ageing treatments, Voluma is used to add youthful volume to your cheeks. Then, with the help of Volbella, we give your lips that subtle but effective enhancement. We also include a chemical peel in the Refresh package for the ultimate refreshed and rejuvenated complexion.

Contour (£740)

Add a beautiful plump look to your cheeks with Voluma whilst giving definition to the chin and jawline with Volux™.

Male Sculpt and Refresh (£790)

Not just for women! Men can receive the ultimate skin rejuvenation and a strong definition with Volux, with Volift to fill deeper-set wrinkles combined with other suitable anti-wrinkle treatments we provide.

Contour, Refine, and Refresh (£950)

For a bit of everything, this package has it all! By assessing to see if you’re suitable for other anti-ageing treatments we provide, combined with Juvederm® Ultra, Voluma, and Volux injections to the cheeks, chin, jawline, and lips to add volume and definition for the perfect profile. Plus, a luxury chemical peel is included with this package!


North West Aesthetics

North West Aesthetics

These incredible Juvederm® packages are all available through us here at North West Aesthetics. With a thorough consultation, we can identify the best package for you and any other anti-ageing treatments we provide to give you a treatment plan that works, lasts and that most importantly, that you’ll love.

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