How To Get Better Skin: Good Habits To Cultivate


How To Get Better Skin: Good Habits To Cultivate

That ‘lit from within’ look doesn’t happen overnight. When you see someone with seemingly perfect skin, there’s a very high likelihood that they take steps to protect it against environmental damage, as well as a host of other stressors.

There are several simple things you can do to get your skin on the right track and we’re here to share our pearls of wisdom with you. Are you ready?


Don’t Skip The SPF


There’s a good reason why we’re mentioning this first – exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays without adequate protection is the leading cause of so many skin concerns including: age spots, fine lines and even skin cancer. As much as everyone loves making the most of the sunshine, failing to take protective measures is a common mistake – as is only wearing SPF in the summer months. The sun doesn’t disappear for the rest of the year, although it can feel like that. Cloudy days can actually pose more of a threat than sunny ones. There is a phenomenon called the ‘broken cloud effect’ wherein certain clouds can actually create higher levels of UV radiation than there would be on a clear day. 

Sunscreen with SPF 30 is the minimum you should aim for, or higher if you spend a lot of time outdoors. If you have pale skin, freckles and you’re prone to getting burnt, opt for SPF 50 instead. Those of us with lighter skin have less melanin, which is the pigment that gives our skin its colour. The more melanin you have, the less likely you are to get burnt but that doesn’t mean people who are less likely to burn shouldn’t wear SPF at all. Whether it’s preventing the visible signs of ageing or protecting your DNA on a fundamental level, sunscreen is a must. You can read more about everything sunscreen can do here. So, don’t even think about skipping one of the most integral parts of your skincare routine – don’t do it!


Cleanse Your Face Twice A Day, Every Day 


We all know that person who tumbles out of bed wearing last night’s makeup and coats their lashes in more mascara. Now we don’t want to be rude but… don’t be that person. You won’t be doing yourself any favours! 

One of our favourite things is sleeping. Your body gets the chance to relax and do loads of restorative work in the background – our skin in particular. After all, the term ‘beauty sleep’ had to start somewhere. When you cleanse your skin, you make sure your pores are as clear as possible to limit the chances of a spot forming, a process that also provides you with a canvas for your skincare routine.

Double cleansing in the evenings guarantees your skin is ready for whatever comes next. Using something like an oil or balm cleanser to gently break down any makeup or other products before following up with a gel cleanser to target any specific concerns is your best course of action. You don’t need to double cleanse in the morning because all of the offending substances will have been washed away the night before. It can seem like a lot of effort at first but double cleansing will soon become second nature – you can thank us later.


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Get To Know Your Skin


Double cleansing is all well and good but if you’re not following it up with the right products, you could end up doing more harm than good. Skin types typically fall into four main categories: normal, dry, oily and combination. The only way to understand what your skin type is, is to pay attention to it. Those with a dry complexion might notice that their skin often feels tight after cleansing, it might even crack or peel. Oily skin, on the other hand, is characterised mainly by an excess of sebum. Sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands as a means to protect the skin’s natural barrier and provide natural hydration but some people produce more than others. Those with oily skin typically develop acne more often and have enlarged pores. Combination skin, as you may have guessed, is often both oily and dry in different places. ‘Normal’ skin is a bit of a loaded phrase but it just means well-balanced more than anything.

Then there’s sensitive skin. It can be dry, or it can be oily. Sensitive skin is characterised mainly by how reactive it is. It might not react well to certain active ingredients, and is often triggered by the introduction of new products into your routine or even environmental factors. Before you can really zero in on creating the skincare routine of your dreams, you need to pin down your skin type. Establishing a routine can be daunting, especially if you’re not familiar with what to use and when to use it. Check out one of our latest blog posts on perfecting your routine here.


Don’t Forget About Your Neck


Or the décolletage if you’re feeling fancy! The neck and chest are often overlooked when it comes to skincare and even SPF. This part of your body deserves just as much attention as your face, even more perhaps. The skin of your décolletage is thinner and has less oil glands than other areas of your skin. As a result of this, it’s much more likely to become dry. Dry skin creates the perfect conditions for wrinkles to form. Treating your décolletage as an extension of your face is the best way to prevent it from ageing prematurely, especially if your visage is plump and radiant as a result of your skincare routine. 

Don’t forget, you’re not on your own in your quest for better skin. As well as treating various concerns, we’re here to help you to achieve your skin goals. Are you already noticing fine lines and wrinkles or are you concerned about maintaining your décolletage’s youthful appearance? In that case, our Opera LED Mask treatment is a must. Want a radiant glow in no time? Look no further than the Obagi® Radiance Peel. Whatever it is you want from your skin, we’re sure we’ve got the right treatment for you.


How To Get Better Skin With North West Aesthetics


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