How Dermaroller Treatments Eliminate Stretch Marks


How Dermaroller Treatments Eliminate Stretch Marks

Stretch marks develop when the body goes through a period of change, such as puberty, pregnancy or weight gain. The skin’s natural elasticity does not cope well with such rapid growth, leaving red or purple streaks across areas such as the stomach, breasts, legs, arms and hips. Even though stretch marks eventually fade to a muted silvery colour, many people wear clothing that keeps them concealed. Dermaroller treatments diminish the appearance of stretch marks, liberate wardrobe choices and improve body confidence.


What Are Stretch Marks?

Collagen and elastin are proteins within the skin’s connective tissue which accommodate slow growth. When the connective tissue stretches or shrinks too quickly, the dermal layer of skin ruptures, allowing the deeper layers of skin to show through. Over time, stretch marks change colour as blood vessels become less visible due to the accumulation of pale fat beneath the skin.

There are many risk factors for developing stretch marks, including family history, body mass index (BMI) before pregnancy and birth weight of children in pregnant women. While some people experience growth spurts without a hint of stretched skin, others develop marks with comparatively little body growth.


Dermaroller Treatments At North West Aesthetics

There are many over-the-counter products which claim to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, however, very few offer satisfactory results. Dermaroller treatments offer an effective and affordable solution to the appearance of silvery streaks.

The Dermaroller is a handheld device covered in ultra-fine needles which is rolled across a targeted area of skin. This microneedling technique creates tiny punctures within the skin, stimulating the body’s natural healing response. Old stretch mark scar tissue is broken down and the production of fresh bouncy collagen is triggered. With repeated Dermaroller treatments, the formation of new and healthy skin cells causes stretch marks to appear reduced.

The number of sessions required for optimal results varies due to the severity of a client’s stretch marks, however, on average 1-6 treatments are recommended. Most procedures take approximately 30 minutes and downtime is limited due to the minimally-invasive nature of Dermaroller treatments. The affected area of skin may appear red and feel sensitive post-treatment, however, this quickly subsides.


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