Everything You Need to Know About Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Treatment


Everything You Need to Know About Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Treatment

We know the struggle: suffering through every new workout regimen, buying every “Flat Belly Diet” cookbook, and even trying as-seen-on-TV fixes for stubborn fat. No matter how hard you exercise and no matter how controlled your diet is, there are some stubborn bulges that just won’t budge! Don’t waste another pound on bogus treatments with empty promises- at North West Aesthetics we offer a fat dissolving solution with clinically-proven results to help banish your unwanted fat pockets once and for all! Aqualyx, fat dissolving treatment is a revolutionary fat-dissolving injection which permanently dissolves fat cells in stubborn areas resistant to diet and exercise. Aqualyx is safe, non-invasive, FDA and EEA approved, so you can rest assured. This injectable treatment is the best option for removing your “muffin top”,”saddle bags” or “love handles” for a sleek physique!


How does Aqualyx work? 

The Aqualyx formula consists of deoxycholic acid, a bile acid that is used to aid natural fat digestion within the body. The cells within stubborn fatty deposits are liquefied through precise injections, before then passing through your lymphatic system and being disposed of naturally.


What to expect from your treatment

Before proceeding with Aqualyx, Dr. David Taylor will meet with you for an initial consultation to discuss your specific aesthetic concerns. He will answer any questions you have about the Aqualyx treatment, and recommend a bespoke treatment plan for your individual needs. 


At your Aqualyx appointment, your clinician will carefully prepare the skin by cleaning the skin and outlining the specific treatment area. Local anaesthetic may be used to increase your comfort. The clinician then will expertly inject the Aqualyx solution with a specific technique providing balanced fat loss for a sleek appearance. Depending on the size of the treatment area, your appointment should not last longer than an hour. After the procedure, it is likely you will experience swelling and discomfort, but this should subside over several days. 


What results can I expect? 

It can take several weeks for the body to rid itself of the dead fat cells. After recovery,  you are likely to begin seeing a slimmer figure. The best results are seen after several treatments. Dr David Taylor will assess how many treatments will be necessary to see the results you desire. 


What is recovery like after Aqualyx? 

Aqualyx is very safe, and has few side effects, so full recovery can occur within a week or two. It is best to avoid exercise and strenuous work after the treatment for at least a few days. The treatment area may be sore and bruised, which should subside quickly. Over the counter painkillers can be taken to alleviate any discomfort. 


Is Aqualyx right for me?

Aqualyx is best suited for those with fat pockets resistant to diet and exercise. It will not be an effective substitute for dramatic weight loss. At your free, initial consultation, Dr David Taylor will assess if Aqualyx is an appropriate procedure for you. 


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