Dermal Fillers: Our Solution For A Perfect Jawline


Dermal Fillers: Our Solution For A Perfect Jawline

Skin and beauty trends are constantly in a state of flux and what is fashionable one minute can quickly become undesirable the next. However, one trend that has stayed constant over the past few years is the desire for a strong jawline.

More often than not our idea of the perfect body image comes from celebrity culture. And this started with a lust for prominent cheekbones and luscious lips. Now, with celebrities like Brad Pitt, Henry Cavill, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez all going under the needle, we all seem to be in search of a more defined chin and jawline.

Dermal fillers for the jawline – or jawline fillers – were one of the most requested cosmetic treatments in the UK in 2019, and this is partly due to how this injectable treatment has progressed over time, with people now able to achieve incredible results across the lower face thanks to practically invisible work.

Why Jawline Fillers?

Over time, the jawline and skin lose their natural elasticity and volume – this is an inevitable process that occurs due to our skin being exposed to the elements and is part-and-parcel of the ageing process. As we get older, our bodies simply start to produce less of the proteins that keep our skin firm, smooth and supple. Jawline fillers can combat this by physically lifting the skin, reintroducing volume to the face and enhancing the structure of the jawline.

The Benefits of Jawline Fillers

Having a weak or uneven jawline can leave you feeling unconfident and uncomfortable with your appearance. Jawline fillers can help both men and women to attain a more desirable look and reduce the visible signs of age. Almost anyone is suitable for the procedure and you can get the best possible results after just two treatments!

Regardless of your shape, size, age or gender, jawline fillers have many benefits. Jawline fillers are:

  • A non-surgical treatment with very little downtime – you will be able to pick up your day right where you left off.
  • Able to provide long-lasting results that can be extended with top-up treatments and the right post-treatment plan.
  • Suitable for both men and women.

Known for their short treatment time, with most procedures finishing within an hour.

Men and women tend to seek out jawline fillers with different objectives in mind, however, there isn’t a right or wrong way to have treatment. Men typically opt for jawline fillers to help them achieve a sharper and more chiselled jawline. For women, jawline fillers are usually about contouring and sculpting the places around the mouth and the cheeks, redefining these areas to complement their current features and add shape to the face.

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