8 Myths About Cosmetic Injectables


8 Myths About Cosmetic Injectables

When fighting the signs of ageing, there’s a lot to consider: when to begin, which treatment to choose and which clinics are reputable, to name but a few. Throw in some commonly accepted misconceptions and your decisions become even more challenging. We have compiled our list of 8 myths about cosmetic injectables to help you to make informed choices before opting for treatment.  


Cosmetic Injectables Myth No. 1: All Practitioners Are Qualified


Although injectable substances and equipment undergo strict testing, surprisingly, the people using them do not. In fact, practitioners who administer injectables such as Dermal Fillers are not legally required to have any formal qualifications. Choosing a reputable clinic with experienced practitioners is, therefore, imperative. 


Cosmetic Injectables Myth No. 2: Injectables Are Just For Women


Women dominate the aesthetics market, however, the number of men seeking cosmetic treatment is rising. The popularity of social media makes us more aware of body image and eases access to aesthetic clinics, which may play a part in the increase in male clients. Male-favoured treatments include Dermal Fillers to create a more masculine jawline and Anti-wrinkle Injections to soften lines rather than to eliminate them entirely. 


Cosmetic Injectables Myth No. 3: Anti-wrinkle Injections And Dermal Fillers Work The Same Way


Both injectable treatments combat signs of ageing by smoothing away wrinkles and lifting sagging skin, however, the way they work is entirely different. Anti-wrinkle Injections block chemical signals from the nerves, inhibiting muscle contraction, whereas Dermal Fillers add volume to the skin, restoring sunken areas and enhancing facial features. 


Cosmetic Injectables Myth No. 4: Anti-wrinkle Injections Create A Frozen Look


When Anti-wrinkle Injections first became popular, the use of too much solution or tiny inaccuracies in its placement gave them a bad reputation. With years of practise and a wealth of knowledge and research on the product, Anti-wrinkle Injections can now be administered without fear of facial freezing. Wrinkles appear reduced, with natural-looking results. 


Cosmetic Injectables Myth No. 5: Results Are Permanent


Although we may wish that injectables lasted forever, eventually their effects wear off. Clients can expect Anti-wrinkle Injections to last for approximately 6 months, so long as they use an effective SPF, avoid smoking and stay hydrated. Robust research and development practices have led to improvements in Dermal Filler duration, with some products, such as those in the Juvéderm Vycross™ range, lasting for up to two years.   


Cosmetic Injectables Myth No. 6: Injectables Are Painful


The pain associated with injectable treatments is subjective. Many clients report no pain whatsoever, whereas others experience mild discomfort and report soreness around injection sites for a short period of time following treatment. To ease discomfort, your practitioner may use a numbing cream on the skin before beginning the procedure. Some injectables also contain the local anaesthetic, lidocaine.


Injectable Myth No. 7: If You Stop Receiving Injectable Treatments, Your Wrinkles Will Become Worse Than Before


If you opt not to continue with your chosen injectable treatment, fine lines and wrinkles will begin to develop. Without preventative measures, signs of ageing are, unfortunately, inevitable. When wrinkles form following cosmetic intervention, they will not become any worse than they would have done naturally. 


Injectable Myth No. 8: Injectable Treatments Are Addictive


There is no evidence to suggest that injectable treatments such as Dermal Fillers or Anti-wrinkle Injections are physically addictive. Many people choose to repeat procedures to maintain anti-ageing results, but this does not signify addiction. An experienced practitioner will, however, recognise when a client is requesting unnecessary procedures or returning for top-up treatments prematurely. At this stage, a client’s motives will be discussed and the practitioner may advise against treatment. 


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