Body Hair Removal For A Smooth Summer Body


Body Hair Removal For A Smooth Summer Body

It’s now July and we’re well and truly at the height of summer. With warm weather comes lots of time spent outside and with rising temperatures chances are that you’ll be wearing less clothing and you’ll have more of your body on show. If you have unwanted body hair, it’s likely that now is the time that you’ll be looking at body hair removal methods. 

There are so many products available to buy and use at home – from razors and wax strips to creams and electric shavers. Though readily available, these methods only really offer a short-term solution and they can be messy and time-consuming. If you are looking for professional and long-lasting results for body hair removal then you might want to consider our Laser Hair Removal options at North West Aesthetics.

The Laser Hair Removal Treatment at North West Aesthetics

Each individual hair is targeted using a laser, which destroys hair at the root. This body hair removal method means that hair regrowth is prevented without causing any trauma to the surrounding skin. It’s suitable for men and women of all hair and skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale and it’s a safe and effective way to eliminate unwanted hair anywhere on the body, from the chest and the back to more sensitive areas such as the underarms and the bikini line.

Though this body hair removal procedure does destroy each hair permanently, it is usual for clients to require some top-up treatments, as new hair follicles may naturally grow in the future. We suggest a few treatment sessions over a period of several weeks for the best results.

It is usual to see some redness and swelling and you may experience some tenderness, but there’s no need to worry! These are all typical side effects of this type of body hair removal procedure and they’ll subside after a few days. So, if you are planning on having hair removed prior to your summer holiday, it’s best to book your treatment in advance.

In terms of aftercare, we’d recommend increasing your level of sun protection after you’ve had your body hair removal treatment, as when your skin heals, it is more sensitive to harmful UV damage. Naturally, we should always be wearing sunscreen but please take extra care if your skin is photosensitive.

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