Autumn Skincare Tips


Autumn Skincare Tips

2020 has been such a topsy-turvy year that the imminent arrival of autumn may be somewhat hard to fathom. Yet with summer almost over (already?) and the recent Bank Holiday going down on record as one of the coldest in memory, it’s fair to say that the seasons have very much got their minds set on changing. 

And, like it or not, the shifts in temperature that so often accompany the switching of the seasons can greatly affect our skin and should give us cause to rethink the products and processes that we subject this to daily. 

At North West Aesthetics, our knowledge of skin knows no bounds, which is why we’ve put together a concise and easy-to-read guide on what you should do to protect your body’s largest organ as the sun fades from view and the nights begin to draw in. Gloves at the ready then, for our biggest and best autumn skincare tips, 2020! 


Switch up your facial routine 

The transition from summer to autumn brings with it a whole host of new skin concerns to manage, and there’s no better way to do this than to give your facial routine a suitable overhaul. In the colder weather, the air’s loss of humidity can cause the skin to lose its moisture and dry out much more quickly which sets the stage for damage and dehydration. 

To combat this, you should add a more moisturising cleanser and a heavier moisturiser to your daily skincare regime as a suitable way of clearing away dead skin cells and ensuring hydration as the mercury heads south for the winter. At this point, exfoliation should also become a weekly pursuit to safeguard against the emergence of parched and flaky skin. 


Look out for those key ingredients

When adding new products to your skincare shelf, you could do a lot worse than opting for those rich in Vitamin C. In recent times, Vitamin C has really shown itself to be a vital component in any self-respecting skincare regime and this is because of its ability to support the skin’s natural regeneration processes, smooth over the signs of ageing and contribute towards a brighter, more radiant complexion.

Better still is to choose a product brimming with hyaluronic acid, a natural substance with essential moisture-boosting and oil-regulating properties. This can be crucial in reviving dull and tired-looking skin and is a major ingredient in many of our dermal filler treatments – a range of easily performed injectable procedures dedicated to reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well plumping out the tissue of the areas in question. 

We also stock a number of high-end, medical-grade skincare products from the likes of Obagi, ZO and AlumierMD, and many of these feature Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid in plentiful supply. 


The sun’s still in the sky!

It might be a reduced presence in the sky as the season rolls on, but the sun’s rays can still prove a real danger to the skin at any point of the year. That’s why it’s always a good idea to protect yourself by making sure that you apply an SPF30 moisturiser as part of your regular skincare regime – the clouds can only do so much to shield you, even on the breeziest of days. 

Keep that thermostat in check

As the colder weather persists, it will certainly be tempting to whack up the thermometer and savour the wonder of central heating. Yet, high indoor temperatures can spell bad news for your skin and will dry out your skin almost as quickly as being outside. To reduce the possibility of this happening, make use of warmer clothes where you can and place small bowls of water by your radiators – this will evaporate and increase the humidity of the air and minimise the risk of your skin overheating completely.  


Book in for a facial treatment

In addition to our fantastic selection of premium skincare products, we also offer several chemical peel treatments for the alleviation of many of the most common signs of autumn-damaged skin. Amongst these are the Obagi Blue Peel, the Obagi Radiance Peel and The Perfect Peel and all of these can be customised to ward off the most devastating effects of the autumn weather and result in skin that looks fresher, clearer and ready to take on the season! 

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