Introduction to the Advanced Aesthetic Course


Introduction to the Advanced Aesthetic Course

As a doctor or medical professional, there is no limit to the amount you can learn and improve upon your existing skills and knowledge, whether you’re aesthetically trained or your specialisms lie elsewhere. This is a firm belief of North West Aesthetics’ Dr David Taylor – cosmetic doctor and international trainer.

Attending regular training programmes and being able to practice advanced treatment techniques allows for a heightened level of care, achieving the very best results for your patients. Dr David Taylor developed his Advanced Aesthetic Course so that those with basic dermal filler and wrinkle-relaxing injections training can further their capabilities and those that are more experienced can benefit from some ‘refresher training’.


What To Expect

The course itself is designed to be highly enjoyable yet highly beneficial, focusing on advanced treatment techniques that will expand and extend the service you currently offer, ushering in a new level of clientele. Recognised by all of the main insurance companies within aesthetics and fully certified, the Advanced Aesthetic Course at NWA focuses on certain areas and is spread over 3 sessions, all of which are 1-2-1 with Dr David Taylor. While session 1 focuses on theory, session 2 allows you to shadow Dr David Taylor as he administers treatment and implements the techniques discussed in your theory session. The final session allows you to take the reigns as you practice and demonstrate all that you’ve learnt.

A Unique Opportunity

No other course of this nature offers the same level of expert 1-2-1 training with highly trained, reputable cosmetic doctor. At every step of the way, Dr David Taylor offers close guidance to help you fully understand the differences between each technique and each treatment application. This same level of support is sustained throughout the course and post-training, with the NWA team taking the time to address your questions and queries without extra charge. From learning how to effectively soften the jawline and offer non-surgical rhinoplasty with dermal fillers, to minimising smoker’s lines and mastering the ‘Botox brow lift” with wrinkle-relaxing injections, this is a fantastic learning opportunity. Education is, without a doubt, the key to 5-star aesthetics.


North West Aesthetics

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