The Benefits of Dermaroller for Acne Scarring with North West Aesthetics


The Benefits of Dermaroller for Acne Scarring with North West Aesthetics

Active acne and its resultant scarring can be incredibly difficult and sensitive skin complaints to manage, which is why the team at North West Aesthetics value a range of highly advanced and effective treatments for the improvement of the skin’s condition and appearance.

For the resolution of long-term skin damage in sensitive areas such as the face, one of our most trusted, successful and popular treatment systems is the Dermaroller, an innovative and intensive solution for calming and restoring the skin.


What is Dermaroller treatment?

The Dermaroller is a form of micro-needling, and involves a handheld roller containing miniscule needles worked across the surface of damaged skin.

This action creates tiny, precise punctures – or ‘micro-injuries’ – in the skin, stimulating a regenerative response for the generation of healthy skin tissue, for a skin surface that is clearer, even and renewed as it heals. In addition to healthy tissue, this trauma encourages a boost in the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin – beneficial proteins that decrease in production as we age – for smooth, firm, volumised and youthful skin.

The Dermaroller process also increases the efficiency of topical products which may be applied to the skin post-treatment, enabling deeper penetration of the skin’s layer for enhanced results.

While there is no downtime with this treatment, the nature of the procedure means that some patients may experience flushed, red or sensitive skin in the time afterwards, but these side effects should swiftly subside, and do not cause disruption to daily routine.

WIth treatments most often lasting around 60 minutes following a thorough 30-minute consultation, the Dermaroller is an excellent option for achieving healthier and clearer skin. This system is trusted by the North West Aesthetics clinic team as a critical contender against many less successful, more expensive, and highly time-consuming skincare products and treatments available at present.


Is Dermaroller treatment suitable for everyone?

The Dermaroller is often considered an ideal treatment option for long-term sufferers of acne scarring to pursue. The amount of treatments necessary for optimum results will vary depending on the severity and positioning of the scarring, but a series of treatments one month apart are often recommended for maximum improvement of visibility as needed – with initial improvement often visible after just ONE treatment.

If it is established that the Dermaroller will be the most appropriate treatment for you following your FREE consultation with Dr David Taylor, the North West Aesthetics team will develop a bespoke scarring treatment plan aligned with your personal skin requirements, so you can be on your way to happier skin.


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