10% Off Laser Hair Removal this July at North West Aesthetics


10% Off Laser Hair Removal this July at North West Aesthetics

Summer has finally arrived in the U.K., and even if the weather isn’t exactly perfect, odds are you will have made plans to migrate to sunny and exotic locales for holiday. Naturally, with the change in climate, your wardrobe will also adjust accordingly. A holiday on the beach in Mallorca or Cyprus calls for a packing list of shorts, sleeveless tops, sun dresses and swimwear- so you’ve got to be prepared to bare all. Among the many things you may have to do to prepare for holiday, tackling your unwanted body hair is one of the most bothersome. If you choose shaving to remove the hair, it returns quickly- with the added cost of skin irritation, razor burn, and even unsightly red bumps. While waxing lasts longer, it can be incredibly time consuming to make appointments at the salon and it can be quite costly over time. Hair removal is a never-ending cycle of pain and embarrassment- but it doesn’t have to be. 

Laser Hair Removal: A Permanent Solution

Laser Hair Removal offers a safe and effective solution to unwanted body hair, permanently eliminating the hair so that you can better spend your time on the more important things in life. Using the most advanced laser technology, the hair is destroyed at the root via thermal damage, preventing regrowth without causing trauma to the surrounding area. Permanent hair reduction can be visible after only one session, although most patients prefer to have several sessions for the best results. The result is silky, smooth skin that is completely hair free. 

Our July offer: 10% off Laser Hair Removal! 

At North West Aesthetics, we are proud to offer the best Laser Hair Removal treatments in Wigan. We know that you’ve got enough expenses this summer with holidays, parties, and fun- that’s why we are offering a fantastic 10% off Laser Hair Removal treatments the whole month of July! The treatments start at just £35 for one session, or buy a special treatment package for even further reductions. Compared to other hair removal methods, Laser Hair Removal is the most economical over time in addition to providing the longest-lasting results so you never have to worry about shedding your layers again!

Read more about our Laser Hair Removal treatments here and contact us today to book your completely free, no obligation consultation to discuss your concerns and create a bespoke treatment plan.